D000048 - Atlas Lathe Operations

$5.00 each

Thousands of hobby machinists, students and small shop owners grew up and learned on Atlas lathes.  The lathe is said to be the queen of machine tools because you can use a lathe to make another lathe when you know how to do it.  This book gives you all you need to know.

This 1937 book contains 255 pages of information that is invaluable and hard to find.  Not only that but the book is has been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) which means that you can search for any topic.

If you go to a shop that has one of these lathes and one of these books you will probably find it dog-eared and full of greasy fingerprints from years of use.

But our digital books are different.  You can search and find the information you need.  Then just print out those pages needed and take them to the shop.  If they get dirty, your original DIGITEK  copy is still like new and you can print more new clean pages at any time.

You can even print out the entire book, all 255 pages but that's a lot of paper.  Digital books allow you to print only what you need.

Provided on our custom made USB Flash Cards that can be used on XP or newer versions of Windows software.  Not available for MAC and LINUX systems.

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